Social Architect, Trainerin, consultant

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I feel united with a global movement of people who want to foster the next evolutionary shift in human consciousness with the emergence of a culture that is founded on freedom, sustainability, health and abundance. My Passion is to enable People to  shape the future world in alignment with the global challenges of the 21st century and to contribute in expressing their talents and uniqueness. That is why I have initiated the co-creation and developement of a unique education Program (in german language to start with) as webinar that addresses needs of people who are eager to facilitate the shift and to co-design the transition from the postmodern era to the integral/holitic Age.  As „Social Architects“ they learn how to foster the emergence  of the integral age and how to build bridges between the good „Old“ and the emerging „New“ in people, systems and cultures.

Theoretical Frame Our blended learning curriculum is based on the synergetic blending of two main evolutionary conceptions.

Spiral Dynamics integral including some of the Natural Design principles and Meshwork technologies as taught by Dr. Don Beck and  Conscious Evolution with the wheel of Co-Creation and technologies like Syncon, Vistar… as taught by Barbara M.Hubbard. Our intention is to inspire and create an evolutionary community of engaged social architects who are open for self-transformation processes as well as willing to initiate and conduct concrete projects in all societal fields, according to their passion and unique skills. Some of the teaching Contents are: Integral and holistic Learning beyond cognition – Opening and holding a co-creative field for learning communities in  challenging times –  Conscious evolution and its implication for a global shift –  Evolutionary Leadership –  Social Architect in action in all sectors of the Social Body. The participants will work on  social, economic topics and design solutions, which naturally fit to the  present life circumstances and open a way to sustainably solutions for the  problems of today. From Fragmentation through Integration to Co-Creation!

The Webinar Team: Claudine Villemot-Kienzle, Ingrid Schneider.

They Support our Education Programm: Dr. Don Beck Founder/CEO Spiral Dynamics Group,  Co-Founder National Values Center. Member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group. Leading global authority on value systems, societal change, and stratified Democracy.

Barbara Marx Hubbard Author, Visionary, Social Innovator, Evolutionary thinker and teacher. Co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.Member of  Evolutionary Leaders Group, Global New Thought (AGNT), The World Future Society. “I am inspired by your work. Such vital synthesis of evolutionary perspectives meets a real global need. I support your educational program with real appreciation”.

Michel Saloff-Coste Global Aktivist, Autor, Zukunftsforscher – Founder “Club of Budapest, France” und  “Design me a Planet” “The next (r)evolution needs people who are able to cope with the inner dynamics of change, diversity and global perspectives. This webinar is just the chance to foster this leadership qualities and to support a necessary shift in conscious evolution”.  

“The Common Good” through the lens of Spiral Dynamics integral. International Conference, Paris 2013 from Center for Human Emergence on Vimeo.

Design me a Planet: an Interview with futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard by Claudine Villemot-Kienzle from Center for Human Emergence on Vimeo.