artLAB // Cénacle de fous – Co-founder, President

Co-Founders: Claudine Villemot-Kienzle (France, Germany), Marianna Carranza (Urugay, Germany)

Chairman: Claudine Villemot-Kienzle

Purpose of the association is to commit to overarching, interdisciplinary research and experimental design in the artistic field, and to encourage the public dispute on current social and political issues through diverse and innovative forms of execution.

What we aim at:
– Creating conditions for a new, experimental form of collective artistic creation.
– Overcoming divisional thinking in the arts and deadlocked roles.
– Building synergies between our individual potentials and unique talents for the benefit of the one and the whole.
– Promoting the integration of all art forms.

Subject matter  for the projects deliver on the one end the various artistic fields as:
literature, poetry, performing and visual arts, dance, music, opera,  sound and computer technology,  cinematics,  flash mobs,  Movement Ttheater and circus arts, interactive media … all traditional and avant-garde forms, academic and  non- academic orientations.

On the other end all current issues of our society that seem relevant. The combination of art and socio-political issue provides the impulse for a project.
Our methodical approach.
We wish to act out the concept of “szenie” (collective form of the word genius in connection with collective intelligence and creativity), and to give this idea a concrete expression.

We aspire to apply creativity enhancing methods such as the Theory U by Otto Scharmer, the Vistar Method,  and  to explore  new  methodologies. The use of social media through the Internet such as audio and video conferences in the design phase of projects is possible, in order to enable a location-independent connection of project participants.


As some of you may feel and observe,  we are experiencing at every level of our human existence challenging times that may seem chaotic. History teaches us that we can interpret this chaos (from the Greek “gaping space,” a state of complete disorder or confusion) as a sign for times of global overthrow. Humanity is currently at the edge of a paradigm shift that is directly affecting primarily the first-world countries. After the era of postmodernism, the integral age shows up.  A new all-inclusive perspective on the world and the people emerges. Arts as an avant-garde agent, intents to play a pioneer  role, and thus acts as a mirror and amplifier of social change. The emergence of a new paradigm doesn´t only mean for the field of arts the emergence of a world view with new values and  mindsets, but does also call for the creation of new forms of expression and  new ways of working together.
This design of a  an integrative co-creative artists laboratory  is an attempt to create a structure that takes into account the integral paradigm both  in regard to structure and content, and thus creates the conditions for a new, experimental form of collective artistic activity.
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Claudine Villemot-Kienzle is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and social architect.

She is Co-Founder/Co-Director of the Center for Human Emergence (Germany). The focus of her work lies in interdisciplinary collaboration and integration of different fields such as sports, art, and social sciences. She is Co-Founder and Chairman of the “artLAB// Cénaclede fous” an artist lab, that commits to overarching, interdisciplinary research and experimental design beyond the established artistic divisions, and that encourage public dispute on current social and political issues through diverse and innovative forms of execution. Founder of the dance theater group “Emotional Dance”, choreographer for the Bavarian gymnastics Association. Artistic Director of the “Munich Entertainment Productions Ltd”. Her choreographic work may combine elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, theater, photography and interactive media.