Center for Human Emergence – Co-founder, Co-Leader

    CHE DACH Kopie The  Center for Human Emergence Germany – Austria – Switzerland was founded in 2008 and is part of a worldwide Network of Centers that share common Vision, Intention and values . At the same time they, according to their specific cultural context, set different objectives, work on for them relevant issues and design different structures for their operating. Thes Centers for Human Emergence (CHE)  foster the Conscious Evolution of Mankind on a global Level.   Dr. Don Beck The Center for Human Emergence, Germany promotes education in integral Thinking and Doing,  specially it delivers courses in Spiral Dynamics integral, and a fresh and innovative Programm for developing competences as Social Architect.  Besides it focuses on synergies between organisations that foster Evolutionary  Consciousness  on different levels.  We initiate and co-create with partners  projects that support change processes in individuals, organisations and cultures and that make sense for the specific contexts.

Teammembers: Claudine Villemot-Kienzle, Jürgen Greiner, Ingrid Schneider.

Mission statement

  • to open the way  for the Transition to the global  Change of paradigma through Conscious Evolution.  To create and develop Integral models of social architecture in order to facilitate the Transition from the postmodern era to the integral/holistic one and so doing to smooth the  Metamorphosis from Homo Sapien Sapiens to Homo Universalis
  • together to answer the following questions:
  • What can we do as a collective to Bridge the gap from here (breakdown/competing Society) to there (breakthrough/co-creating Society)?
  • What can I as an Individual do in this  Global Transition?  How could I design in a positive way my contribution with my talents and how to fulfill my heart´s desire, and take actions?
  • What does Leadership mean for me and for others in one of the most challenging and exciting Change of Paradigma in our human history ? And what form(s) of Leadership is (are) necessary?

My overarching goal is to start a process that enables us to connect with our true deep nature as creatores, and to design our lifes in such a way that this creative force Expresses itself as individuals as well as a collective . To more Freedom, more Joy and Synergies.

My Sources of Inspiration  The Speed and Dimension of Change in these times require a new understanding for coping with them.  This new Understanding has to consider the higher complexity, the large diversity and the diverses directions of this changing. The theoretical Frame that inspires me is based on the integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber,  on the perspective Spiral Dynamics integral that was developed by Prof. Graves und Dr.Don Beck ” and on the teachings on Consious Evolution of the Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard.  

Article published in the Integral Leadership Review, August 2010 -Project Report: Development of Integral EcologicalCentres for Electrosensitive Individuals. Analysis based on Spiral Dynamics integral.

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