ClaudineSocial architect, human resources trainer, facilitator and consultant for transculturalism and value systems in organizational and global contexts. Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Center for Human Emergence, Germany – Austria – Switzerland, an organization for designing social evolution and shaping the future of humankind based on an integral and holistic approach. Member of the “international Spiral Dynamics group” led by Dr. Don Beck, Certified Trainer for “Spiral Dynamics integral”. Representative of the NGO “Design me a Planet” in Germany. Certified “Agent of Conscious Evolution” by Barbara M. Hubbard. She also works as a choreographer and artistic director. She is co-founder and chairman of the “artLAB Cénacle de fous” an artist lab, that commits to overarching, interdisciplinary research and experimental design beyond the established artistic divisions, and that encourage public dispute on current social and political issues through diverse and innovative forms of execution. The focus of her work lies in interdisciplinary co-creation and integration of different fields of the social body such as art, social sciences, technologies, economics, healthcare….

Her vocational arousal now focuses on the unique global paradigm shift we are entering at the threshold of a new world order. To facilitate the transition she has initiated the conception and development of a fresh and unique curriculum as “Social Architect”. People acquire evolutionary core competencies to address efficiently and wisely the complexity and diversity of our global challenges in the 21th century and learn how to build smart bridges between the “Old” that works and the emerging “New” in people, cultures and systems.

  • First 18 years in West Africa (Senegal and Ivory Coast).
  • Master in English and German Languages at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, France, certified Translator. Master in Sciences and Technics of Information and Documentation at l’ Institut National des Techniques de la Documentation, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris.
  • Education as a Trainer, Consultant and Coach in Transactional Analysis, systemical brief therapy Steve de Shazer.
  • Since 1984 has been living in Germany.
  • 15 years at BMW Headquarters, Munich in Human Resources Department. Responsible for Personal Development, Communication, In-House Consultant Programs.
  • Certified in Spiral Dynamics integral Levels I, II et III avec et par Dr. Don Beck. Co-founder and Co-Leader Center for Human Emergence, Germany-Austria-Switzerland.  Member of « Spiral Dynamic Group international».
  • Certified  “Agent of Conscious Evolution” by Barbara Marx Hubbard and Stephen Dinan of  “The Shiftnetwork”, USA.
  • Attendance  the Course “From Ego to Essence” by Barbara M. Hubbard and Patricia Ellsberg, USA.
  • Attendance  “Enlightened Business Summit”, USA
  • True Purpose Training als Change Agent mit Tim Kelley, 2015
  • Sensitivness Training (basics and advanced) with Griseldis Ellis, 2016
  • Online Course “Medical Intuition” with Carolyne Myss, 2016
  • Online course, certified as a “Virtual Reality Trainerin” by the Institute for Immersive Learning, 2020
  • Online course “Platform Design“, 2020

Some story telling

Artistic career

  • Education in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Afro Dance.
  • Dance Teacher for the BMW Sport Department, the Bavarian Artistic Gymnastics Federation
  • 1997 – 1999 Education in  Wushu, Kungfu Shaolin with Jianguo Sun ( Master 7th Dan).
  • 1998  Intensive Training at the Sport University of Shangai
  • 1998 Winner of Silver at the “Wushu Open International” in Karlsruhe (Sword Form)
  • 1999 Winner Gold at the European Championship in Wolfsburg (Baton)


  • 1996:  Contemporary Dance Performance “La nuit d´Octobre”  at the Cultural Center of BMW
  • 2002: Dance Theater Performance: “Metamorphosis “
  • 2002, 2003, 2005: Acrobatics Shows at the Olympic Stadium in Munich with  8000 viewers and in the Allianz-Arena with 40 000 viewers.
  • 2005: Artistic Director for Gaiala´s fantastische Reise” with 120 young gymnasts
  • 2006 et 2009: Choreographies and artistic direction of  the live Show “Sport meets Arts” for the « Munich Entertainment Productions»